Air Systems

Agri-Systems is experienced in installing air systems for every application. Air or Pneumatic Grain Conveying Systems are a new and innovative approach towards moving your grain efficiently and safely. We offer several lines of pneumatic grain conveying systems from trusted names like Brock and DMC.

  • These Pneumatic Conveying Systems will move your grain on a cushion of air.
  • Using a grain conveying air system will minimize the damage done to your grain during transit and maximize efficiency and convenience.
  • All moving parts are down on the ground making maintenance of your air system easy.
  • Agri-Systems offers a range of pneumatic conveying systems from 4″-6″ and 10 hp to 75 hp.
  • This air system can move from 200 BPH up to 2500 BPH.
  • An easy to use control center keeps all your controls and meters in one central location
  • The flexibility of these air systems allows easy future expansion, adding on is as easy as laying down more piping.
  • Causes less grain damage when grain is moving
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Increasing air system size and layout is simple.
  • Durable parts give it a long operation life.
  • Safety with an air system there is no moving heavy augers or fixing equipment in the air.
  • Easy to turn corners, without the use of additional augers.