Bucket Elevators/ Grain Legs

Bucket elevators are a key component of your grain handling system no matter the size of your grain storage system. Also known as grain legs, they are known as the most reliable and maintenance free solution to moving your grain. Bucket elevators are also an extremely gentle way to handle your grain if the system is designed correctly by a trustworthy contractor like Agri-Systems.

The design of a facility with a grain leg is critical. Working with us we will do a complete Auto Cad drawing of your site to make sure we have the optimal system. Being aware of capacities, angles, and spout lengths is crucial in having a leg system that works for years without any headaches or unnecessary grain damage.

We offer only the highest quality bucket elevators from names you’ll recognize like Schlagel, GSI, Honeyville, Chief, and S-M Howell. Agri-Systems will make sure you get the right grain elevator for your application, with smooth and gentle handling of your grain.

We have many options available for your bucket elevators. Size, capacity, boot and trunk type, pulley size, and cup types are a few key considerations. Most bucket elevators we can offer in painted, powder coated, or galvanized finish to meet your budget.

Bucket Elevators

  • Trusted names such as Schlagel, Caldwell, and Howell.
  • Multiple capacity options to maximize your efficiency.
  • • Convenient, safe, and efficient method of grain handling.