Conveyors- Drag Chains

Drag conveyors, also referred to as En-Masse Conveyors or Chain conveyors have become known as the most reliable, gentle, and quite way to move large capacities of grain. They are also known for their minimal maintenance and upkeep and longevity of use. A well designed, correctly installed, and maintained drag conveyor will give you decades of trouble free grain handling.

Agri-Systems is proud to handle established names in drag or chain conveyors, such as Schlagel, GSI, S-M Howell, and Honeyville. Drag conveyors are built for longevity, and their flexibility allows application in most operations. This benefit of drag conveyors means that you can customize your grain storage system however it will work best for you. No matter what the site and needs are, there are plenty of options possible to suit your situation. At Agri-Systems we will design the conveying system that is right for you, depending on your site, grain being moved, capacities, wear factors, and feeding arrangements.

Agri-Systems offers drag conveyors with options of painted, baked on powder coat, or galvanized finish to meet your budget and application. Drag conveyors have capacities from 1,000 BPH to 60,000 BPH giving you many options. These conveyors can also be designed to run horizontal, at inclined angles, Let us help you design and install the best system for handling your grain transportation needs.