Centrifugal Fans

Quality grain management starts with the proper aeration for your particular use of the grain bin. Grain bin fans are sized depending on the size of the bin, what grains are stored, and whether the intended use of the bin is for maintaining grain, cooling grain, or drying. With our knowledge and experience on grain aeration as well as our computer program that helps us design the right aeration system for your bin, the experts at Agri-Systems, Inc. can help you determine what type of grain bin fan and aeration system is right for you!

Centrifugal fans, commonly referred to as “squirrel cage” fans are the most common grain bin fan used today. The quit operation of these aeration fans as well as the increasing size of bins has made them the choice of many farmers! Depending on your aeration needs, we will help you determine whether a High Speed Centrifugal Fan or a Low Speed Centrifugal Fan system is right for you.

We offer Brock Guardian series centrifugal fans in two categories to fit your air flow needs, High (3450 RPM) and Low (1750 RPM) speed. The centrifugal fans come with air vanes to increase efficient air flow by reducing air turbulence. The air inlet orifice on the in-line centrifugal fan has an innovative design to promote better airflow into the centrifugal wheel to enhance fan performance. All of the centrifugal fans have a unique baffle design to help direct air into the centrifugal wheel, giving your centrifugal fan a smooth and efficient operation. With a reinforced, 12-gauge, galvanized steel housing and a 10-mil OVC coating on the screen guard your centrifugal fan has superior corrosion resistance. All centrifugal fans come standard with a totally-enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) motor.