Hopper Bottoms – All Welded

Agri-Systems, Inc. has a complete working relationship with MICADA to provide you with the highest quality hopper bottom to meet your needs. Our all welded hopper bottoms are the right choice to install on your old grain bin!

These hopper cones can be put on existing grain bins to gain storage and ease of unloading. Turn your old smaller grain bins into a useful piece of equipment again! These bin hopper bottoms can be put on bins up to 27′ in diameter. Each cone bottom is designed to fit your specific bin.

Our hopper bottom bin combinations offer a low-maintenance storage system that can be erected virtually anywhere. Our hopper bins can be used in combination with other grain handling systems.

MICADA offers “advanced” grain storage at a competitive price and continues to pioneer both quality and design into every bottom we build. Whether you are in need of a bottom to fit an existing bin or in the market for a completely new bin/bottom combination, Agri-Systems and MICADA can help!