Agri-Systems, Inc. might be most known for new grain bin and equipment installation, but we also do a lot of grain bin repair and upgrade work.

Whether you have a site that is completely devastated from a storm, a simple dented bin, or grain bin roof damage…… we can help. We understand these events are unexpected and put you in a unique situation which often comes with aggressive timelines for the rebuild. We can help assess the damage, determine the best solution, and get most major brands of materials to perform the repair.

Common Upgrades:

  • Partial or Complete Roof Replacements
  • Replacing Damage Body Sheets
  • Demolition and Re-build to Replace

We can help you convert your existing grain bins to make them more efficient, safe, and user friendly for modern use. From adding additional bin rings to gain more storage, to converting a bin into a drying bin, we can supply the materials and perform the work.

Common Upgrades:

  • Installing Aeration Systems- adding floors, fans, heaters, and roof vents to existing grain bins
  • Installing Ladders or Stairways- adding inside ladders, platforms, safety cages, and spiral stairways
  • Installing Unloading Equipment- upgrading to faster unloading equipment, adding power sweeps, etc.
  • Conversion to Drying- adding stirring machines, fans and heaters, and outside bin liners to convert your bin into an in bin drying system
  • Gaining Capacity- adding additional rings onto existing bins to gain more bushel capacity.
  • Adding Accessories- installing roof vents, grain spreaders, level alerts, sensors, etc.
  • Hopper Bottoms- putting your old grain bin on a hopper bottom for easier use
  • Door Upgrades- installing a larger more accessible door into existing bins, replacing the small old one.


Agri-Systems, Inc. has moved many grain bins throughout the years. We are often asked to move grain bins for our customers. Depending on the size of the grain bin and the distance of the relocation will dictate what method we use for moving your grain bin.

If the grain bin is being relocated on the same facility, we can typically move the grain bin whole. We have come up with several unique and reliable rigging techniques to be able to lift large grain bins and move them cost effectively.

For large commercial grain bin moves, we have a great working relationship with professional movers that can find cost effective and safe method to move your grain bin to its new location.

If the grain bin is being relocated a long distance, usually it will have to be taken down and then reassembled. (unless it is a small grain bin).